European Database for Women Experts in SET
(Science, Engineering and Technology)

User Guidelines

You can search WITEC's database by various means depending on how specific or general your inquiry is. Please read the following carefully for best results.

If you know the specific surname and forename of a particular expert you are looking for, you can type the information in the display box.

If you want to narrow down your search to a particular country or region, go to
- country and use the drop list or
- region and type the name of the region in the display box.

If it is important to differentiate between experts in the private and public sector, go to
- sector and use the drop list

If you want to undertake a search to find a range of experts with a particular competence, industrial classification or area of specialisation, it is possible to search by:
- competence using the drop list to choose between science, engineering or technology
- industrial classification using the drop list to choose the relevant NACE sector code
- key words using the display box
- all words in text using the display box

All the biographies in WITEC's expert database have been classified according to a key word list. In this key word list there are 15 main topics. For example "agriculture" or "health". Each of the main topics include various specific subheadings for example "animal nutrition" or "immunology". Type the relevant headings or subheadings in the key word display box.

For a search using all words in text, type the word, sequence of words or combination of words in the display box:
- if you type "phytoplankton", you will hit on all expert biographies containing the word phytoplankton;
- if you type "marine biology" (sequence between quotes!), you will hit on all expert biographies containing that exact sequence;
- if you type "marine" followed by "biology" (sequence without quotes) you will hit on all expert biographies that contain both "marine" AND "biology" (not "marine" OR "biology");
- if you type "biolog" you will hit on all experts biographies containing "biology", "biological", "biologist", etc.
(note: the "all words in text" display box covers only the specialisation, publications, and industrial products fields).

All criteria can be combined, for example: competence, key word, all words in text and country.

The results can be unsorted, sorted by surname region or country. They can be displayed by page, choosing name and contact details or by partial biography or the whole biography.


Have a good search!

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